What exactly is PAINT CORRECTION ?

Paint correction is the art of taking a vehicles paint and correcting it to our clients expectations. Many times it is confused as a “buffing job”. In technical terms it is leveling your paints clear coat in a microscopic level. In simplier words , paints defects such as scratches, swirls, water marks, paint oxidation etc. are all indentures in your clear coat. So when light hits your clearcoat the uneven surfaces doesnt bounce the light back evenly creating less reflection and gloss.


The process is a long and timely process and it goes as follows. 


  • Vehicles paint is washed thoroughly 
  • Paint recieves a iron decontamination
  • All surfaces receive a light to hard clay bar (Removes embedded contaminates)


Vehicle is pulled into shop and spot lights are set up

  • 1 st pass is a hard cutting (cut down into the clear cut to level defects) Depending on paint condition ,clear coat thickness & hardness along with client expectation determines​ how many times this process is repeated.
  • 2nd step is a refining step, to remove haze and small scratches from “buff” along with bringing back some gloss and depth
  • 3rd step is a finishing polish step to really refine the paint and give it that show car finish. 

Final step is applying some sort of paint protection wether its wax , sealant or a premium ceramic coating.


This is a coating of  high-gloss, super slick to the touch , chemically bonding layer of 9h optically clear ceramic. When a coating is correctly applied, your vehicles gloss and protection will be like no other waxes , sealant or ceramic sprays.

Hardness : This 9h ceramic coating is resistant to chemicals ranging from 2ph-12ph , because of its high density it makes contaminates such as tree sap , bird poop and road debree a breeze to remove!

Durability: Along with hardness , ceramic coatings durability outlast any wax, paint sealants or sprays in the market.

Protection: A ceramic coating offers incomparable protection against everyday paint contaminates. A coating insure your cars paint is always protected for a safe amount time before bird poop, water marks or fading can occur.


  • Wipe down of all hard interior surfaces
  • All door jambs wiped down and cleaned
  • Vacuum carpet, seats, compartments
  • Minor carpet stain removal
  • All plastic/vinyl interior components are UV protected
  • Clean all glass inside and out to a streak-free finish

Including all Interior items from our Full Detail package, this provides a thorough and meticulous deep cleaning of your vehicle’s interior.


  • Pressure wash vehicle to remove all loose dirt and debris
  • Foam bath pre-soak
  • Detailed hand wash using the 2 bucket method
  • Clean rim faces, tires and fender wells
  • Hand dry exterior using premium microfiber towels
  • Apply water-based tire dressing that won’t sling
  • Exterior plastics UV protected
  • Machine apply a dedicated All in One paint cleaner/wax

Including all Exterior items from our Full Detail package, this provides a thorough and meticulous deep cleaning of your vehicle’s exterior.
* Upgrade to a high quality synthetic paint sealant.