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We offer full interior and exterior detailing to get your vehicle protected and looking its best.

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What exactly is paint correction ?

Paint correction is the art of taking a vehicles paint and correcting it to our clients expectations. Many times it is confused as a “buffing job”. In technical terms it is leveling your paints clear coat in a microscopic level. In simpler words , paints defects such as scratches, swirls, water marks, paint oxidation etc. are all indentures in your clear coat. So when light hits your clearcoat the uneven surfaces don't bounce the light back evenly creating less reflection and gloss.

The process is a long and timely process and it goes as follows.


  • Vehicles paint is washed thoroughly

  • Paint recieves a iron decontamination

  • All surfaces receive a light to hard clay bar (Removes embedded contaminates)


Vehicle is pulled into shop and spot lights are set up

  • 1 st pass is a hard cutting (cut down into the clear cut to level defects) – Depending on paint condition ,clear coat thickness & hardness along with client expectation determines​ how many times this process is repeated.
  • 2nd step is a refining step, to remove haze and small scratches from “buff” along with bringing back some gloss and depth
  • 3rd step is a finishing polish step to really refine the paint and give it that show car finish.

Final step is applying some sort of paint protection wether its wax , sealant or a premium ceramic coating.


What is a ceramic coating?

This is a coating of high-gloss, super slick to the touch , chemically bonding layer of 9h optically clear ceramic. When a coating is correctly applied, your vehicles gloss and protection will be like no other waxes , sealant or ceramic sprays. Hardness : This 9h ceramic coating is resistant to chemicals ranging from 2ph-12ph , because of its high density it makes contaminates such as tree sap , bird poop and road debree a breeze to remove! ​Durability: Along with hardness , ceramic coatings durability outlast any wax, paint sealants or sprays in the market. ​Protection: A ceramic coating offers incomparable protection against everyday paint contaminates. A coating insure your cars paint is always protected for a safe amount time before bird poop, water marks or fading can occur.


One of the most sought after procedures here at Strong Arm Detail and which we have masterfully developed is the cleaning and hydration of leather seats. Anyone who has this type of seat in their car knows how important it is to take care of and preserve this tool. But how do you know how this cleaning and hydration is done in leather seats here at Strong Arm Detail? We'll tell you now, see!

Before hydrating the leather seats, it is necessary to clean and sanitize them. This is how Strong Arm Detail works. Although many people believe they are capable of proceeding with the cleaning and hydration of leather seats by themselves, with homemade methods, it is necessary to emphasize that the process is not as simple as it seems. It requires, above all, know-how, appropriate techniques and training, which only a specialized and experienced team in the subject will be able to promote.

As leather is a living tissue, it is common that over time, it loses its smooth appearance, as well as moisture, essential for its conservation and appearance. Here at Strong Arm Detail we submit the leather to a kind of intensive hydration treatment, using the most appropriate products with the care that only trained technicians are able to carry out.

The need for sanitizing and hydrating seats and leather is, in addition to the health issue, as it is a place exposed to bacteria and dirt over time, it also preserves the driver's assets, keeping the seats looking like new, preserved, creating, with the use of certain products and techniques, a protective layer of the leather, thus ensuring the optimization of its useful life and also generating savings for the vehicle owner. Count on Strong Arm Detail to carry out the cleaning and hydration procedure for the leather seats and rest assured: you can trust us!


For strong offensive odors from cigarettes, smoke damage, decaying matter, pets, urine, food, beverages, vomit, mold and mildew our Ozone Treatment permanently kills the odor. Ozone (03) is a colorless gas with a distinct pungent scent. It is a molecule made up of 3 atoms of oxygen. Ozone occurs quite readily in nature, at the beach, in the forest, or near waterfalls. In fact, the scent of fresh spring rain following a thunderstorm comes from nature’s creation of ozone. Since ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in existence, it can easily destroy bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, and odors rather quickly. Our ozone generator is placed in the vehicle after the source of the odor is cleaned. Ozone treatment times vary from a 1/2 hour to 2 hours. Our Complete Interior Service is highly recommended prior to the ozone treatment.

Carpet & Seat Shampoo.

Every owner should be concerned about cleaning their vehicle. Many of them take care of doing their own washing with care, while others prefer to pay for a quick wash. However, when it comes to cleaning a car or motorcycle, the process is much more complex. A cleaning prevents your vehicle from being the target of fungi and bacteria that, in addition to spreading diseases, can compromise your car's performance. Next, we will explain how professional cleaning works and how often it should be done.

Sanitizing is a thorough cleaning carried out on the interior and exterior of the car. Its main objective is to prevent some fungi and germs from appearing inside your vehicle. It must be done by qualified professionals who will disassemble some parts of your car and have good cleaning equipment available. In the first part of this process, the professional removes the seats, carpet and spare tire from the car. It applies a product with property to eliminate germs and makes a deep cleaning in parts such as the glove compartment and storage compartment, which do not always go through a deep cleaning in the vehicle's routine washing process. After that, the professional uses the extractor, a type of vacuum that works at high temperatures, reaching up to 180ºC. The purpose of the extractor is to remove all the moisture from the product used to eliminate fungus and bacteria.

The automotive cleaning process can take up to 8 hours. It is recommended to do it at least once or twice a year, to avoid that you or anyone riding in your vehicle is contaminated by any disease. In addition, with cleaning, you ensure that the engines and parts that are more difficult to clean in your car do not attract fungi and bacteria that can be harmful. A good cleaning can cost from $ 250.00 depending on the size of the vehicle.


Ask us how to improve the visibility, clarity and appearance of your headlamp lenses.
If your car's headlight shows wear due to weather conditions and actions, yellowish, scratched, fogged, with stains or internal dirt, it will be necessary to perform headlight polishing to improve the visibility and appearance of your vehicle's lenses. And don't forget Laav Santo Amaro, it is a specialist and reference in automotive aesthetics services. The headlights of modern cars are much more fragile than others in terms of appearance and lens wear. They are no longer made with glass as before, which is much more resistant than acrylic. Therefore, many opaque headlights, full of scratches, completely lose their function of facilitating the view for drivers, illuminating the path and driving the vehicle. In addition, a varnish is also applied to the acrylic, which wears away with any weather or dust coming from high velocity front air. Therefore, cars that are used more on the road have more problems with their headlight lenses. In this case, the risk of an accident is greatly increased.

It is good to remember that, in addition to appearance, the danger of driving with headlights in this state is very great. It is very important to polish the headlights. Choosing to change the modern optical assembly has a much higher cost than polishing it, which has led many drivers to look for professional services for polishing acrylic lenses. This procedure is indicated to revitalize the headlight and remove the burnt varnish from the optics and then polish the acrylic and seal so that no more unsuitable traces remain.
Polishing the headlamp lenses improves lighting efficiency and leaves them as good as new, there is no need to change the headlamp with this service, as the headlamp has no damage or breakage.

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Passion, meticulous method, integrity and a servant’s soul give most reason to trust your vehicle in the care of Strong Arm Detail.

  • Pressure wash vehicle to remove all loose dirt and debris
  • Foam bath pre-soak
  • Detailed hand wash using the 2 bucket method
  • Clean rim faces, tires and fender wells
  • Hand dry exterior using premium microfiber towels
  • Apply water-based tire dressing that won’t sling
  • Exterior plastics UV protected
  • Machine apply a dedicated All in One paint cleaner/wax

Including all Exterior items from our Full Detail package, this provides a thorough and meticulous deep cleaning of your vehicle’s exterior. * Upgrade to a high quality synthetic paint sealant.