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What is a cleaning and hydration of leather seats? One of the most sought after procedures here at Strong Arm Detail and which we have masterfully developed is the cleaning and hydration of leather seats. Anyone who has this type of seat in their car knows how important it is to take care of and preserve this tool. But how do you know how this cleaning and hydration is done in leather seats here at Strong Arm Detail? We'll tell you now, see!



Before hydrating the leather seats, it is necessary to clean and sanitize them. This is how Strong Arm Detail works. Although many people believe they are capable of proceeding with the cleaning and hydration of leather seats by themselves, with homemade methods, it is necessary to emphasize that the process is not as simple as it seems. It requires, above all, know-how, appropriate techniques and training, which only a specialized and experienced team in the subject will be able to promote.


As leather is a living tissue, it is common that over time, it loses its smooth appearance, as well as moisture, essential for its conservation and appearance. Here at Strong Arm Detail we submit the leather to a kind of intensive hydration treatment, using the most appropriate products with the care that only trained technicians are able to carry out.



The need for sanitizing and hydrating seats and leather is, in addition to the health issue, as it is a place exposed to bacteria and dirt over time, it also preserves the driver's assets, keeping the seats looking like new, preserved, creating, with the use of certain products and techniques, a protective layer of the leather, thus ensuring the optimization of its useful life and also generating savings for the vehicle owner. Count on Strong Arm Detail to carry out the cleaning and hydration procedure for the leather seats and rest assured: you can trust us!

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*A 25% deposit is required for all appointments.

  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Clean Tires & Wheels
  • Spray Wax or Sealant
  • Blowout/Vacuum Interior
  • Wipe Down of all Interior Surfaces
  • Clean All Glass & Mirrors

Ideal for a quick freshen-up on very well-maintained vehicles.. * $50 mobile convenience fee applies $125 AND UP Basic only available for current clients or new vehicles.


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