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Every owner should be concerned about cleaning their vehicle. Many of them take care of doing their own washing with care, while others prefer to pay for a quick wash. However, when it comes to cleaning a car or motorcycle, the process is much more complex. A cleaning prevents your vehicle from being the target of fungi and bacteria that, in addition to spreading diseases, can compromise your car's performance. Next, we will explain how professional cleaning works and how often it should be done.



Sanitizing is a thorough cleaning carried out on the interior and exterior of the car. Its main objective is to prevent some fungi and germs from appearing inside your vehicle. It must be done by qualified professionals who will disassemble some parts of your car and have good cleaning equipment available. In the first part of this process, the professional removes the seats, carpet and spare tire from the car. It applies a product with property to eliminate germs and makes a deep cleaning in parts such as the glove compartment and storage compartment, which do not always go through a deep cleaning in the vehicle's routine washing process. After that, the professional uses the extractor, a type of vacuum that works at high temperatures, reaching up to 180ºC. The purpose of the extractor is to remove all the moisture from the product used to eliminate fungus and bacteria.


The automotive cleaning process can take up to 8 hours. It is recommended to do it at least once or twice a year, to avoid that you or anyone riding in your vehicle is contaminated by any disease. In addition, with cleaning, you ensure that the engines and parts that are more difficult to clean in your car do not attract fungi and bacteria that can be harmful. A good cleaning can cost from $ 250.00 depending on the size of the vehicle.

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*A 25% deposit is required for all appointments.

  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Clean Tires & Wheels
  • Spray Wax or Sealant
  • Blowout/Vacuum Interior
  • Wipe Down of all Interior Surfaces
  • Clean All Glass & Mirrors

Ideal for a quick freshen-up on very well-maintained vehicles.. * $50 mobile convenience fee applies $125 AND UP Basic only available for current clients or new vehicles.


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